Scott Art on Pedestal

10 years ago this week my husband and I opened Red Dot Gallery, the working studio, teaching space, and art gallery that has been our business, passion, social life, and work station. We’re celebrating this heart-felt occasion with a student/teacher exhibit called DECADE. The opening last week was a lovely gathering, and instead of being the photographer, I asked guests to pass around my camera phone and take photos themselves. Luckily we came away with few selfies and lots of different takes on the event.


Opening a business takes no small amount of courage, and our first years years consisted of monthly sighs of relief that we still had our doors open. I’d heard that 90% of small businesses fail in the first 5 years, and I’m sure art businesses have a lower average than that. The last few years have seen plenty of growth, and much gratitude for the devoted students and collectors that grace our place. We are proud that Red Dot is a happy and welcoming place, known for its non-snooty atmosphere, solid foundation in art instruction, and (hopefully) a good place to see art.