Last night I went to see the writer, Anne Lamott, speak. She was just like I imagined. Along with being funny, irreverent, and exuberant about letting us know how imperfect we are (and how great that is) she read us a Facebook post she’d just written. It was about, among other things, how damaged we humans are by age 5. Since I had just been talking about that very thing with my sister, Dana, it has spurred me to want to explore this idea in a painting. More to come on that subject. For now, here’s a link to Anne’s Facebook post. It’s also about being grateful and living one day at a time.

A big thank you to Anne Lamott for putting herself out there for so many years. Her bravery in revealing the good, the bad, and the flabby parts of herself have been a light for those of us who want to do the same.