When I have lapses in my blog posts, it’s because I’m not in control of when writing inspiration hits me. With painting I can sit down at any time with no prompt and get going. I’ve never had a moment of artist block or blank canvas syndrome in thirty some years of being a visual artist. With writing it’s like I have a muse who is either in the building or has taken the day off. It took me six years to write each of my books, not because I was slow or lazy, but because I would go for months at a time without my muse. I’ve become used to it, but it doesn’t lend itself to the acceptable regularity of a blog. I do sit down habitually to see what comes to me, but over the past few months my muse is nowhere in sight. I’ve come to trust that she knows best when and what will flow, so for now let’s be patient and look forward to her return.