Without a Net Card Deck production has been merry but slow at times. Here are some of the steps in the process:


I started with paintings. Here they are on the walls of Red Dot Gallery. (See also my lovely daughter Annabelle and the ceramic work of my husband, Scott Bennett.)

Card Back

I painted a backside image for the cards. It’s displayed here with other art to show scale, the same size as the other paintings. I’ll write a blog post about its meaning sometime soon.

First Try

This is the first incarnation of the deck. I liked the back design, but not the computer numbers below the image. I decided to paint my own:

New Numbers

I painted the 55 numbers to match the cards they went with. I didn’t have to be too detailed because they would be reduced to a tiny size. This took a while!

Right This Time

The new numbers are more fitting for the cards’ personalities. The cards are large at 4″ x 6″ so you can see the images well, and are high quality, the same as Bicycle playing cards.

Card Directions

To direct users to the accompanying Ebook, I wrote and designed this card for each deck.


Until a mainstream publisher decides to produce them (if I ever go that route) I found a sturdy plastic box that fits perfectly. Then I designed the sticker and had it produced.

I always forget that creative babies can’t be birthed into the world without boring things like: Choosing a printing company for the cards and sticker. Figuring out shipping (what to send them in, what to charge, what carrier to use.) How and if to charge sales tax (so complicated I felt like I’d break out in hives.) Pricing and selling the cards. Setting up for sale in an online store. The selling part is a world in itself, and that will be my next adventure. More behind the scenes on that subject later.

The cards include an online Ebook that tells you how to use them. I wrote this User Guide over the last year, and had to choose which Ebook format to go with, a difficult decision. For now it is available as a PDF file.


The Ebook is 88 pages long and contains activities, reminders, and help with interpretations. I interviewed others about their takes on the cards to make it easier for future readers to get the hang of using them. There will be more to add as I get feedback from new card users. That’s why an Ebook was a good choice for now.

Online Presence

I created pages on this website and on reddotgallery.com to announce the cards and offer them for sale.

The cards and Ebook are available to order now. I’ll make an announcement in a few weeks with more of a send-off. (Or launch as they say in the biz, but maybe more of a soft-launch.) Your deck will take a few weeks to be delivered but you can peruse the Ebook if you’re curious.

Go to the Cards page to get info, buy cards, or check out the Ebook. Thank you for your interest!