All serious daring starts from within.       -Eudora Welty

Without a Net started in 2010 as a series of paintings about my mind states. I bring to canvas my inner life in an attempt to be honest with myself about my habits, traits, emotions, and behaviors. was created to present essays about my original intentioned meaning of the paintings. In 2018, when the painting images were made into a deck of 55 cards and used by others as a way to connect with their own interior life, a new life and a fresh dialogue emerged with the work. The Without a Net Deck is available here or at Red Dot Gallery.

Without a Net Creativity and Awareness Workshops are held every couple months, where we practice the transformative process of making art with the intention of self-inquiry and mindfulness. Click here for a deeper look into the creative process of the Without a Net series. (Link takes you off-site.)


With her husband Scott Bennett, Dori owns Red Dot Gallery, a working studio, teaching space and art gallery in Birmingham, Alabama. She has written three books, and her paintings have been exhibited at galleries, festivals, and museums across the country. Her bio has the full scoop on Dori.