All serious daring starts from within.       -Eudora Welty

My name is Dori DeCamillis, and I write, paint, and teach art. I own Red Dot Gallery, a working studio, teaching space and art gallery in Birmingham, Alabama. I’ve written three books and my paintings have exhibited at galleries, festivals, and museums across the country. My bio has the full scoop on Dori if you want more details.

Without a Net started as a series of paintings about my mind states. I bring to canvas my inner life in an attempt to be honest with myself about my habits, traits, emotions, and behaviors. The name Without A Net refers to the way I feel much of the time while I paint and write.  Revealing myself, and not always in the best light, removes the safety net of privacy and opens to me the adventure of other’s opinions and judgments. And while sharing these parts of myself with others is scary, the hardest part is examining them for myself. As for my blog’s title, Van Halen and the Grateful Dead have both used this name for a live album, so I know, in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way, I’m in the company of the daring.

This blog features the writings that accompany the paintings in the series, and commentary about the project as a whole. The posts may eventually be compiled in book form.