Creative Writing

     Option 1

Use the cards as starting points for narratives. Use one card to sketch a saga or several cards that inspire various characters for a story.

     Option 2

Write a before and after story telling how the card character came to be where he/she is and where they are going next. Do it either completely from the imagination, or insert a bit of yourself in the story. Write about insights that emerge from the way your story is written, the style you’ve chosen, or any hidden messages it holds.

Art Appreciation

Interpreting the cards is similar to analyzing a painting. This quick lesson in reading a work of art may help you improve your ability at finding symbolism and significance in what you see, therefore deepening your experience with the cards or artworks in general.


Look at the colors in your card. In the mouse painting, there is a rainbow of colors, and many of them are in the pastel range. Pastels can feel softer and less dramatic than straight-from-the-tube brights. However, in this piece there are enough intense colors to make the painting striking as opposed to subdued. There is a balance between soft and potent color. 

The emotional response to color can be pretty personal. Long books have been written on the subject, but I recommend trusting your instincts. Just don’t forget to consider color when you read an image. 


The darks and lights of the mouse painting are strong. Value, or contrast, refers to how heightened the difference is between darks and lights. The long shadows and vivid contrast between the tray and background make this image stand out and speak loudly. Most of the Without a Net cards are not wimpy with contrast. They are unapologetic in their message.