The Without a Net deck began as paintings intended to expand beyond their role as an enjoyable series of images. Their symbolism leaves interpretation open for all sorts of personal discovery. Your interaction with them can be as deep or gentle as you choose. No need to lock down on one use for the deck. Using them with different intentions depending on the person, day, need, or situation will broaden their effectiveness and ability to inspire. 

Artful Gift

Like a small coffee table book, the deck exhibits all the WAN paintings in a manageable form. For patrons of Dori’s paintings or collectors who can’t yet afford to purchase them, here is the entire compilation of the series. It makes a thoughtful, uncommon gift for friends, family, or spiritual companions.

More Uses

This book will explain In detail many of the ways you can use the cards for psychological Introspection, spiritual guidance, creativity prompts, relationship insight, children’s activities, and more. They are fertile with possibilities for mindful pastimes, so you can come up with your own games and uses.  

Reference numbers

The numbers at the bottom of each card refer to information about the card both here and on the blog. They are used instead of words to keep the image from having any verbal connotation that might suggest meaning. They are in no relevant order, other than they were laid out somewhat randomly to look pleasing next to each other. If you are well-versed in numerical readings, you may find significance in what you see in them. 


The paintings from which the cards derived have titles taken from Shakespeare’s sonnets. They allude to the meanings originally intended by the artist. They are found on the blog, but are not represented on the cards or in this book to insure you have a fresh take on your own interpretation.