Without a Net (WAN) cards are still in production, and the exhilarating path to making them ready for the public is, for me, a work of art in itself. I’ll share my progress on the way. For now the deck is in its prototype stage, wishing it could be in your hands right now.

The WAN Deck contains images of 55 of my paintings, a great way to have the collection in your hands. Or, for the more introspective, the cards can be used as a contemplative tool for self-understanding.

Begun in 2010, the WAN project was intended to create a body of paintings that represented my thoughts, feelings, habits, perspectives, dreams, and aspirations. Mostly inspired by images of animal-headed gods of primitive times and cultures, I employed symbolism in the portrayal of my mind states as they arose in my daily life.

Over the years that followed, words arose as another aspect of the project, and thus began, with essays that highlight the spiritual, psychological, and just plain ordinary discoveries that the paintings uncovered.

By the time 55 paintings were finished, much dialogue emerged from viewers of the paintings and blog fans: about the inner journey, about the universality of the meaning of the work, about new realizations. The WAN card deck was born as a means of starting and continuing conversations about what the images meant to each individual. This handheld version of all the paintings became an entirely new work of art in its own right.

Just as the paintings have opened a course of transformation for me, the cards are meant to be helpers for anyone wanting to look a little closer at themselves. More self-acceptance and awareness are a few of the rewards I’ve gained. The benefits others derive from this labor of love are a joy for me to experience.

Use this guide to learn more about the cards and how to use them.