The Without a Net project started as a series of magical realist paintings intended to portray the emotions, habits, and perspectives of one artist. The works grew to form a personal mythology and became a tool for self-awareness. As a deck of cards, the images help anyone gain the same rewards of self-introspection. The deck is a portable and tactile way to absorb the rich symbolism of the original paintings and to explore new means of self-understanding.

When used as a creative prompt, the cards offer a new paradigm of inspiration, filled with powerful resources to open your intuitive capacities. Group use encourages deeper conversations and more engaging encounters. The cards even offer art appreciation opportunities and engrossing activities for children. Recommended for anyone interested in enriching their mind and spirit.


A free e-book accompanies the deck and introduces ways to practice with the cards for psychological introspection, spiritual guidance, creativity prompts, relationship insight, children’s activities, and more.

The deck and e-book will be available to order very soon. Please check back to purchase.