I paint realistically, but with a smoothed-over cartoonish style that could be compared to imagery from children books. I paint my subjects in a way that comes naturally for me, and the end product, in its children’s book way, gets across a signature of my personal voice that I can’t avoid. Even if I’d like to paint with realistic precision or a hazy impression of the idea, I can’t help but fiddle with it until it evolves into the visual mark I always make. I’ve learned to live with it. I suppose this pseuso-realism conveys the idea that I like to be straightforward and unapologetic about clarity with my subject, but absolute detail and accuracy are not necessary. “Close enough” I sometimes say to my students. “We get the picture.” I don’t mind at all if certain parts of the piece are a little off-kilter or have a slightly wonky perspective. A little more interesting, human, and goofy, I say.

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