Huntsville Show 1

I’ve always painted what I wanted to explore, and over the years my artwork has portrayed places. For a long time they depicted places all over the United States, and then for a while they represented places in the state I live, Alabama. With my recent work, started in 2012, I bring my subject even closer to home and focus on the closest place of all. My self.

Without A Net started with a series of paintings that depict my own mind-states. Each piece is a character in a private mythology designed to personify my ever-changing thought patterns, habits, and perspectives. These individual pieces of my personality are painted as they come up in my life in an attempt to be more honest with myself and shed an introspective light on my foibles, aspirations, and secrets. By doing so in the public arena I lessen the power these thoughts have over me and reveal human attributes that notionally relate to everyone. 

“When you’re speaking in the truest, most intimate voice about your life, you are speaking with the universal voice.”        –Cheryl Strayed

A full gallery of images of the paintings can be found on my gallery website, Follow the links below to learn more (a lot more) about my inspiration and process.

Ancient Inspiration

Same Path, New Approach

My Own Private Myth

Little Cards

My Style

Children’s Books


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